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Ships and
data centres

Tier group is armed with a unique geospatial database that boasts an incredible depth of mechanical and electrical skill sets throughout Europe and the UK. Since 2018 we have met the requirements of our clients through our talent to reach out, recruit and mobilize, providing handpicked teams of highly skilled and qualified individuals.


Diversity is central to practical solutions. Our diverse workforce is selected from various European countries to build tailormade solutions in the form of groups that work together in harmony and homogeny. We offer competitive, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to our client's needs through our strategy and supervisory regime. 


Our workforce has extensive experience working at high voltage and maritime qualifications, making them valuable assets in the building of data centers and the shipping industry across Europe. 


We at Tier Group understand that when clients come to us, they seek solutions for specific challenges. During the initial consultation, we strive to identify the particular challenges they seek to overcome and provide a bespoke strategy inclusive of an excellent supervisory regime that creates a harmonious and richly industrious solution. Our service is scalable from a team of five to providing a workforce of two hundred plus.


Our clients' recurrent challenge is the supply of skilled individuals across Europe in a post-Brexit regulatory world. At Tier Group, we pride ourselves on being a forerunner and industry leader in how they have responded to changing regulations and legislation. Tier Group complies with European Labor law, the ILO core labor standards, and all market conditions of our countries

Data Centres:

We carry out extensive and rigorous checks on our recruitment process. We source, vet, and recruit large numbers of highly skilled engineers, electricians, welders, and pipefitters. Tier Group ensures compliance with market conditions. Due to the high level of skill that we seek, there is a barrier to entry that minimizes our exposure to the risk of poor practice or exploitation.


Our team of workers does not pay recruitment fees, and the company adopts the employer pays principle.


We are aware of the potential human rights risks within workers' mobilization, and we go to great lengths to minimize this exposure. We do this through social audits and desk-based risk analysis. We use the SASB framework to identify areas of high risk and respond accordingly in our approach. Employment contracts are

transparent, and supply chains are made resilient for our clients through direct and transparent contractual relationships. We are a people-centric group, and our mission is to protect our workers and our clients from disruption. 


Tier Group mobilizes an individual from their home to their chosen worksite with due diligence to the person’s recruitment journey. We are cognizant of the risk of forced labor in this process and take steps to demonstrate how we mitigate against this. We continually assess our function against the11 ILO indicators. Tier Group has an on-the-ground presence at all sites.


For our clients, we outline and define a strategy inclusive with a supervisory regime within a cost-effective framework that creates a harmonious and highly productive model.




​We select, interview, and mobilize highly qualified maritime engineers electricians, pipefitters, and welders. Teams work on ships in their construction phase and throughout the maiden voyage. The nature of the work requires highly specialized skills, a focused mindset, and the ability to complete complex installations in confined spaces. We handpick teams and personalities to work harmoniously together from our broad database across different European countries.




Between July 2018 to December 2018, we recruited, mobilized, managed, and maintained a workforce of 300 men in La Louviere, Belgium (data center)


From July 2018 to January 2019, we provided teams of electrical and mechanical workers on ships in ports in Bulgaria, Malta, Spain, and Denmark


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