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by Hilton Hotel

The Hampton by Hilton Hotel is positioned in the heart of Canterbury. The hotel encompasses 129 guest rooms, lift lobbies, meeting rooms, and the infamous sky bar. Developing a grade two listed building required highly skilled and qualified team members from our seasoned Tier Group personnel. Our top-of-the-line infrastructure overcame specific mechanical and electrical challenges with our design and build capabilities. 


Tier Group masterminded four teams across The Hampton by the Hilton Hotel site. The teams were responsible for the first and second fix electrical and mechanical installation to all rooms with testing and commission. This included the installation of communal sanitary ware, SVP and rainwater pipework, and the plant room installation. The systems were flushed and chlorinated. This project required the installation of nine double and seventeen single risers, all unique in design, shape, and size, across four floors of grade two listed building. 


The Tier Group team installed containment systems, data cabling, fire alarm cabling, TV systems, and Sub mains cabling throughout the building. We also supplied a team of specialist ventilation experts to conduct the first and second fix ducting, including testing and commissioning. 


The clients’ objective was to maximize guest room space and reduce materials, labor costs, and labor time. This meant tight working conditions under high pressure. We managed a supervisory scheme that allowed our four teams to work efficiently and productively together, despite the challenges of the pandemic and material delays. The project was completed on time and at cost.

Electrical installation to rooms: 

  • First and second fix to rooms

  • Test and commission electrics to rooms

Ventilation installation to rooms: 

  • First and Second fix

  • Test and commissioning


Mechanical Installation to rooms: 

  • First and second mechanical to guest rooms

  • Third, fix mechanical to guest rooms, including testing and commissioning

  • Communal sanitaryware installation

  • SVP Installation of the Soil, Waste, and vent pipe including complete lagging 

  • Installation of rainwater pipework including lagging

  • Installation of cold-water systems, including lagging

  • Installation of the plant room, including test and commissioning

  • Flushing and Chlorination of the system


Installation of containment: 

  • Installation of containment systems throughout the building (1st and second fix)

  • Installation of data cabling throughout the building (2nd fix included)

  • Installation of fire alarm cabling throughout the building (2nd fix included)

  • Installation of TV systems throughout the building (2nd fix included)

  • Installation of sub mains cabling throughout the building


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