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Tier Group orchestrated and oversaw the management and supply of mechanical technicians and electrical engineers to complete a fifty-plot, new build residential housing estate in one of England’s industrial Ports on the Thames Estuary. 


Within scope were three apartment blocks consisting of eighteen apartments in total. Tier Group provided a design and build, project management, and material procurement service. 


The challenge for our clients was a tight delivery time on a remote site location. The client required trusted, highly skilled workers at the height of COVID lockdown. 


Through the rich history of our global operations, Tier Group could supply on-site workers situated locally for maximum efficiency of the project

project scope Breakdown 


  • Full internal mechanical for all plots

  •  Heating and gas

  • Hot and cold

  • AGD

  • Core Hole


  • Full internal electrical for all plots 

  • First fix 

  • Second fix 



  • Street lighting, including concreting

  • Open Reach Internal Fire Link Cabling


Design & Build: 

•Carbon Sensors 

•Fan installation



Apartment communal areas, both electrical and mechanical


  • Rye Field boards

  • Containment

  • Emergency lighting

  • Fire alarms


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