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Pavilion Point

Brighton University - Student accommodation

 The challenge that we effectively overcame was meeting the inflexible deadlines of freshers week despite the significant delays across the industry with material supplies and absences owing to COVID-19. The project required a design and build approach, innovative thinking, and delivery on time and at cost. There were various room types, each requiring a different design and approach. Services supplied were plumbing, mechanical, ventilation, and ducting, and complete project management across the other packages. 

Project scope: 

We were commissioned for the supply and installation of the plant room equipment, including gas and incoming water, hot water services (first fix, testing and commissioning), coldwater services (first select, testing and commissioning), above-ground drainage, and rainwater goods (installation and testing), thermal installation and testing, LTHW (heating system), Commissioning (including flushing, chlorination, and balancing). Work per EN/BS standards, codes of conduct, and industry best practices.




Hot and Cold Water Package:

  • Hot and cold water corridors and risers

  • Pod connections

  • Kitchen first and second fix

  • Hot and cold testing

Heating package: 

  • Heating first fix

  • Heating test

  • Radiators

Above Ground Drainage Package: 

SVP and tested

  • SVP connections

  • RWPs

  • Thermal installation

  • Power flushing of the heating system


  • first,fix-Second fix

  • Testing and commissioning

  • Installation of EF2machines

  • Mega ducting / Louver connections

  • Installation of NOX filters/ window connections 



Project management 

Installation was across four floors, fitting out a variety of room types. Various types of rooms: 

  • Cluster bedroom

  • Studio-Study 

  • Cluster kitchen

  • Premium studio 

  • Communal area



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