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On Harrow Road sits one of Brent’s oldest skyscrapers. The behemoth that is Wembley Point is formally known as Station House. This monolith landmark building was built in 1965 and initially housed production staff for London Weekend Televisionthroughout the sixties and seventies. Since then, the building has been used for commercial purposes. 


In 2018 the building was bought for £43 million by Canada Israel Group after receiving approval to transform the building into a residential space. Retrofit began in 2020, and PC was met in 2021. 


Four hundred and forty-one residential units now sprawl across twenty-one floors towering 262 feet over Wembley, North West London. Each apartment is furnished with a private kitchen and bathroom. Tier Group LTDbuilt and supplied a team of over 50 versatile, highly-skilled, and qualified technicians and specialists. We provide a professional project management service to our client that ensured PC was met at cost and on time.


We took the project from inception through to completion. We were tasked with both electrical and ventilation first and second fix throughout each of the 441 apartments, lift lobbies, corridors, and stairwells. We were commissioned to install an integrated, bespoke fire alarm system throughout the building, utilizing and showcasing one of our many specialist services. 


This office building was at its cutting edge when it was first erected back in 1965 yet its triangular shape, towering height, and dimensions posed many new and interesting challenges to our clients that could only be resolved with an on-the-spot design and build approach by our highly skilled and qualified team on the ground. There are ninety meters of corridors per floor throughout each of the 21 floors, plus lift lobbies requiring basket work to carry the 22 armed cables from bespoke built raffle boards in the landlord's cupboard to each one of the new 22 apartments (per floor). Two 90-meter separate lengths of containment would allow for the low voltage and data cable to run from different risers tightly packed around AC, plumbing,and heating services.


Tier Group’sapproach was to put in place the management regime required to run a team of over 50 vital electricians that targeted cable pulling throughout the entire building; teamwork on alternative floors leapfrogging one another to first fixing and second fixing apartments as works became available along with smaller independent groups working specifically on the electrical risers’ stairwells, lift lobbies, small power, and lighting, and fire alarms.

Key Factors

The critical factor in the success of this project was the meticulous and detailed level of storing, logging, and issuing of all materials from the thickest cable to the smallest screw. The store would monitor, log and maintain a database every evening after work had been completed to audit and confirm progress in line with the program of works. All floors and rooms would be pre-loaded with the correct materials in preparation for the next day. This attention to detail confirmed the constant and efficient level of high productivity. 

The agile team and skillsets that we supplied to our client: 


•Highly qualified electricians

•Ducting and Ventilation specialist teams

•Fire alarm integration specialists

•Project managers

•Design and build approach

•Stores infantry supply manager


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